Private Dining

enjoy a culinary feast while on vacation
The Monarch’s all-inclusive meals are carefully crafted by our accomplished head chef, Helio and skilful sous chef, Elton. Helio, having worked at some of the top destinations in Mozambique, is passionate about food and focuses on flavour profiles, ensuring every meal is an unforgettable culinary experience.
As with all our properties, we aim to use only sustainably sourced, ethical ingredients, and all the dishes are prepared onsite, from scratch. The freshly baked ‘pao’ (Portuguese style bread) is a big hit with guests, and pairs with every meal. Helio is renowned for his delicious seafood dishes, and you can expect mouthwatering delights such as prawn rissóis, crab curry and fish samosas. Braver souls will be bowled over by his flavoursome, freshly-made green chilli hot sauce.
Our exclusive dining and elegant meals prepared by our private chefs, indubitably enhance this exceptional vacation experience.